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Active holidays with family and friends
in Chiusa

Discover numerous hiking routes, mtb trails and relaxing walks and enjoy a few carefree days
in sunny South Tyrol

The good starting position and the splendid surroundings of our hotel in Gudon await you for numerous leisure time activities. Discover the unspoiled nature and enjoy the quietness in the mountains. We are pleased to offer guided excursions to traditional huts in the Funes Valley or in the Dolomites in Val Gardena. The numerous trails are also ideal for extended cycling tours or for Nordic walking. Hiking maps and information available in the hotel!

Summer holidays in Valle Isarco offer even more: You can fish in the pond directly in Gudon and the tennis court is also only 5 minutes from the hotel. Those who love horses can visit the Müllerhof farm in Velturno, the Neuhaushof farm at Villandro Pasture and the riding stable Tscherluierhof at Laion for outings on horses.

Hiking Proposals for your Activity Holiday

Excursions from Gudon

  • Round hiking trail in Gudon: "Putzen" and "Raffeil" (approx. 40 Min.)
  • Gudon – Chiusa – Sabiona monastery – Chiusa – Torggler B&B (closed on Wednesday) – Törggelekeller – Gudon (approx. 4 hours) "Shopping-Relax-Trail"
  • Gudon – Eisenwasserle – Gudon (approx. 40 min.) "slowing down"
  • Gudon – Eisenwasserle – Hohe Fälle (High Falls - waterfalls) – Schülerbrünnl fountain – Gnollhof (Hotel/Café, closed on Tuesday) – Spisserhof (restaurant) – Gudon (approx. 4 hours)
  • Gudon – Fonteklaus (inn, closed on Thursday) – Gudon (approx. 1,5 hours)
  • Gudon – Albions (inn: closed on Monday) – Laion – Freins – Figisterhof (restaurant) – Gudon (approx. 5 hours)
  • Gudon – Albions – Eselsteig trail – Laion – Ried – visit the "Törggele" farms (Oberfinser, Buchfelder, Buchner, Putzer, Unterfinser) – "Törggele Trail" (approx. 3 hours)(return by cab)
  • From Ponte Gardena to Castel Forte (round trail with visit of the castle) (approx. 1,5 hours)
  • Gudon – Außermühl (Mittermühl) bus stop to Funes Valley and Bressanone

Popular Alpine Pasture Walks

  • Klausner Hütte (1.919 m)
  • Latzfonser Kreuz (2.300 m)
  • Kassianspitze (2.581 m)
  • Gampenalm (2.063 m)
  • Schlitterspitze (2.301 m)
  • Peitlerkofel (2.874 m)
  • Ochseralm (2.066 m)
  • Fane Alm (1.739 m)
  • Brixner Hütte (2.300 m)

Climbing proposals

  • Via Ferrata Santnerpass (2.741 m)
  • Sass Rigais - Eat-West- Crossing (3.025 m)
  • Via Ferrata Oskar-Schuster - Sassopiatto (2.964 m)

To Geisleralm

The trail leads to our pasture. Starting from Zanser Alm pasture you take the old hay path no. 6 to the left in the direction of St. Zenon, then turn right to the renowned Adolf Munkel Trail until reaching the turn-off to Geisleralm and on to path no. 35B to Geisleralm. 
Walking time approx. 1.5 h
At the hut you can enjoy our typical, traditional creations and of course a great panoramic view of the Geisler Peaks, the so-called Geisler Cinema. 
Letting your soul tingle in free nature, letting your mind wander and enjoying full relaxation - this is what awaits you on our adventure hiking day! 

Return: Path no. 34B via Dusleralm to Zanseralm.

Gardena - Rasciesa - Funes

Walking time: approx. 2.5 - 3 h Features: very comfortable hike, great panoramic views, easy trails Starting point is Ortisei in Val Gardena: With the new funicular railway to Raschötzalm pasture and there along the comfortable high-alpine Raschötzer trail (no. 35) past Broglesalm hut and on to Gschagenhartalm hut, cross here and you reach Geisleralm hut. Descent on the forest road (34B) to Zanseralm hut or to the Ranui car park. Our tip: for this hike you should take the shuttle bus from Funes to Val Gardena (every Wednesday, registration in the Tourism Office required; call 0472 840 180)

Passo delle Erbe – Schlüter Hut - Funes

Walking time: approx. 5h
Features: splendid panoramic view into three valleys
Start at Passo delle Erbe: with the bus shuttle every Tuesday or Thursday (registration in the Tourism Office required; call 0472 840 180); from the car park at Passo delle Erbe to Kompatsch meadows path no. 8, continue to Peitlerscharte ridge and finally to Schlüter Hut. Follow path no. 33 to Gampenalm Hut, then in the direction of St. Zenon; here take the Adolf Munkel path no. 35 to the turnoff Kuhsteig / Geisleralm.
We recommend descending on path no. 34B in the direction of Dusleralm hut to Zans and from here return to Ranui/Funes by bus or taxi.

Classic peak tour in the Funes Valley

Zanser Alm - Gampenalm – Schlüter Hut – Sasso Putia – return; difference in altitude: 1205 m; highest point: Sasso Putia (2875 m); walking time: 7 hours; route length: approx. 14 km Tips and special advice:
only those with a secure step and free of dizziness and experienced hikers should do this peak tour to a renowned, free-standing Dolomite peak, which is highly popular in summer; children and less experienced hikers need to be secured with a safety rope! An unforgettable experience is the sunrise at Sasso Putia!
Route description: Arrival by car or bus to Zanser Alm pasture at the border of the nature park (large car park; 1670 m; huts along the way). Take the road to the nearby Sass Rigais guesthouse and then the forest path through meadows and forests along Tschantschenon river into the valley and up a pasture road leading to Schlüter Hut. From here hike up in turns to the forest line until reaching Gampenalm Hut (2062 m; about 1 hour; hut open) and continue either to the right on the wide transport road or to the left on the steeper foot path to Schlüter Hut (2301 m; hut open); from Zanser Alm hut about 2 hours. Here you can also sleep. From the hut follow path no. 4 in an easterly direction up to the nearby Kreuzkofeljoch pass (2340 m) and from here you hike evenly along the steep grass slopes to the left until reaching Peitlerscharte ridge (2357 m; 45 minutes). From here take the good path through a steep grass hollow with many serpentines in a north-easterly direction up to the peak rocks of the mountain and finally reach the large peak of Sasso Putia (2875 m; from Schlüter Hut 2 hours) on an exposed trail which is secured with fixed ropes. A great panoramic view can be enjoyed in good weather. Descend on the same path (approx. 3 hours). Hiking maps: Freytag & Berndt, Blatt S 5 (Cortina - Marmolada-Ortisei); Kompass, Blatt 56 (Bressanone).

Panoramic hike to Königsanger and Radlsee Lake (Valle Isarco)

At a glance: Garner weather cross - Königsanger – Radlsee Hut -Bruggerschupfe – car park/Garner weather cross; starting point: Car park Garner weather cross (1410 m); difference in altitude: 1,026 m; highest point: Königsanger Peak (2436 m); walking time: approx. 5 hours; route length: approx. 11 km Tips and special advice: 
This hike is easy and can be done without problems; the long ascent however requires a certain level of fitness and good shoes. Königsanger Peak has been classified as a place of finding from primitive times (probably also a place of sacrifice). Radlsee Hut at the legendary lake with the same name is almost 100 years old and offers tasty food and a wonderful panoramic view.
Route description: By car from Velturno via the mountain village Caerna up to the Garner weather cross with car park (1410 m). From here follow path no. 10 and take the foot path up to Garner Mountain. Through forests and alpine meadows you ascend to the forest line, via "Munschegg Path" further on to path no. 8 (approx. 2230 m) and from here without sign-post up to Königsanger Peak (2436 m; from Garner weather cross about 3 hours). Even though there is no path leading up to the peak at the end you can orientate yourself by the cross on top of the peak. From Knöigsanger Peak there is a medium-steep path with marking no. 7 leading in an easterly direction down to Radlsee House (2284 m) located at Radlsee Lake. After enjoying the unique panoramic view you can start your return by crossing at the lake to path no. 8/10 in a south-westerly direction to the ascent path, but take a break at the traditional "Bruggerschupfe" Hut (2000 m) and afterwards return to the point of departure at the Garner weather cross. - Other route: Drive to Kühhof farm (1587 m; car park); from here along path no. 17 to Klausner Hut (1920 m; hut open); and continue on path no. 5/7 to Königsanger.
Hiking maps: Freytag & Berndt, Blatt S 1 (Bolzano – Merano & environs); Kompass, Blatt 56 (Bressanone)

To. S. Croce di Latzfons

At a glance: Latzfons - Klausener Hut - Getrumgraben - Hut - return. To S. Croce di Latzfons (2300 m); highest place of pilgrimage in Europe: Walking time: approx. 2 hours; difference in altitude: 381m; level of difficulty: medium difficulty
High above Latzfons in a north-westerly direction at the mountain ridge of Kassian Peak you will find the pilgrimage church with a nearby hut, which is open in summer (S. Croce di Latzfons hospice). Fantastic view.
From Klausener Hut on path no. 1/17 in a westerly direction upwards and into Getrumgraben hollow and left (always 1/17) via the mountain slope up to the church and the hut.

Crossing of the Puez Mountain Group-EXCELLENT tour for trained hikers, Val Gardena

At a glance: Col Raiser - Sieles ridge - Puez Hut - Vallunga - Selva, starting point: Col Raiser (2107 m), difference in altitude: ascent 563 m; descent 1063 m; highest route point: ridge at Sieles ridge (2600 m); walking time: approx. 6.5 hours; route length: approx. 16 km Tips and special advice: This long, alpine mountain hike crosses the Puez Mountain Group and thereby the eastern part of the Puez-Odle nature park, which is characterised by the beauty of the landscape and a unique alpine flora and fauna. The ascent leads through the wonderful and high rock walls of Vallunga. The tour requires good fitness, free of dizziness and a secure step. Exposed areas feature safety ropes. Route description: From S. Cristina (Val Gardena) with the cable cars up to Col Raiser (2107 m). From here first via blooming alpine meadows in approx. 20 minutes slightly descending to Regensburger Hut (2037 m; hut open). From here take path no. 2/3 over meadows and gravel through the lonely Cisles Valley in a north-westerly direction; then to the right over steep gravel in an easterly direction up to Sieles ridge (2505 m); part of path no. 2 is secured with ropes; here you hike up to the left on the rocky ridge and to the right over to a mountain ridge (2600); then hike down to the grass meadows of Puezalpe and the flat path to Puez Hut (2475 m; hut open); from Regensburger Hut 3 hours. - Descent: From the hut take path no. 14 in a southerly direction over a rocky area and then over grass and through forests down to Vallunga valley and through the valley on a sometimes steep path and over gravel and alpine grass; some parts through the forest on a long, even path to Selva (1537 m); from Puez Hut 3 hours. Return to S. Cristina by bus. Hiking maps: Freytag-Berndt, Blatt S 5 (Cortina d'Ampezzo - Marmolada - Ortisei); Kompass, Blatt 59 (Sella Group)

Via Rodengo Pasture to Cima Lasta

At a glance: Zumis car park – Roner Hut - Pianer Cross – alpine guesthouse Starkenfeld – Malga Lasta – Cima Lasta – Kreuzwiesen Hut - Steineralm - Pianer Cross - Zumis car park; comfortable pasture and peak hike. Starting point: Zumis car park (1725 m), difference in altitude: 470 m; highest point: Cima Lasta (2,194 m); walking time: 5 to 5.5 hours; route length: approx. 13 km Tips and special advice: This easy but long high-alpine path is almost all even over the sunny alpine pastures of Rodengo and Luson pasture; only when crossing the freely standing and panoramic Cima Lasta can you expect a longer ascent and descent.
Route description: Drive from Rio di Pusteria in the Puster Valley via S. Benedetto to Zumis car park (1725 m). From here follow the pasture road for a short time and then turn off to "Cofin" trail and hike on this trail through a forest and even alpine pastures to Roner Hut (1832 m; hut open; ¾ hours). Path no. 2 slightly ascends in an easterly direction through the forest to the Pianer wayside cross (1901 m); mostly crosses even alpine meadows and leads to Rastner Hut to the left (1931 m) and straight on to Starkenfeld Hut (1936 m); from Roner Hut 1 hour. From Roner Hut the pasture road slightly ascends to a hollow to Malga Lasta where you take the right turn-off and then follow sign-post no. 67 to the left; at the mountain ridge slightly ascending path in an easterly direction and rather steep through the forest and later over free terrain up to the large peak cross of Cima Lasta (2194 m; from Starkenfeld Hut 1 hour). After enjoying the unique panoramic view you descend over the southern mountain ridge to Kreuzwiesen Hut (1924 m). From here hike on path no. 2a through beautiful meadows in a westerly direction to Raffreidalm pasture and on to Steineralm pasture (1 hour) where you reach the hollow with Malga Lasta soon later, from where you return to the point of departure via Starkenfeld and Roner Hut.
Hiking maps: Freytag & Berndt, Blatt S 4 (Vipiteno – Passo Giovo - Bressanone); Kompass, Blatt 56 (Bressanone)

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