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Wellness holidays for the whole family at Sonnenhof Naturhotel

Choose between numerous wellness treatments and massages for a relaxed stay in the heart of the legendary "Pale Mountains” - the well-known Dolomites

Various treatments are a must for a recreational and fully relaxing wellness holiday in Valle Isarco. A professional team looks after your wellbeing in the spacious and naturally designed "Bad Froy" SPA area in Hotel zur Sonne in Gudon.

Moments of quietness and recreation are especially important after a demanding hike or a unique skiing day. Treat your body with massages to loosen up tense muscles, care for your skin with various body treatments like baths or peelings or simply enjoy looking a little younger after a treatment. The facial treatments with care products by Gertraud Gruber will underline your natural beauty.

Enjoy our beauty oasis and regain new energy. Spoil your body with efficient and intensive wellness treatments – your body will thank you!


Full-body massage approx. 50 Min.
Back massage approx. 25 Min.
Facial massage approx. 20 Min.
Foot and leg massage approx. 25 Min.

Anti-stress massage approx. 50 Min.
Aromatic oil massage approx. 50 Min.
Herbal stamp massage with herbs from the Dolomites approx. 50 Min.
Special massage for hikers and skiers approx. 25 Min.
Hot Stone massage approx. 50 Min.

Facial treatments

Nature and its variety is rich in active agents and provides the best 
prerequisites for retaining natural beauty. Beauty products by Gertraud Gruber are therefore made exclusively from selected organic plants and herbal extracts and pure oils. They care for and retain beauty in a natural way.

Gruber Facial Treatment Classic small

Treatment of face, neck and décolleté with cleansing, peeling, individual pack tuned to your skin type and day care afterwards.
approx. 50 Minutes

Gruber Facial Treatment Classic large

Treatment of face, neck and décolleté with cleansing, peeling, pack with special active agents tuned to your skin type, facial massage and day care afterwards.
approx. 60 Minutes

Facial Treatment Phyto Method - natural beautiful skin with the power of plants

Gentle hands will massage the comfortably warm and creamy Phyto mass into your skin. You will enjoy a new feeling of wellbeing triggered by the skin-specific Phyto pack with selected plant extracts from naturopathy and natural aromas without preserving agents and free of fragrances and artificial colouring: "Phyto Serum AntiAge" with lupulin: This substance is made from hop and contains plant hormones with an extremely moisturising and regenerating effect on the skin. The Phyto Serum AntiAge treatment brings your skin an oasis of moisture. The moisturising Phyto hormone lupulin makes dry and aged skin smoother and tighter. The gently stimulating and antioxidant rosemary provides your skin with a radiant appearance and prevents the early development of wrinkles. The result: radiant skin!!!

  • Cleansing
  • Eye and lip pack
  • Collostrum serum ampoule
  • Intensive pack with PHYTo anti-aging hormones

approx. 70 Minutes

HydroWellness plus Method – relaxing & rejuvenating 

Pure wellbeing which will put a smile on your face. The highly concentrated seaweed agents deeply penetrate the skin during a gentle relaxing massage. Face, neck and décolleté fully absorb the moisture. The lifting effect is immediate!
Other vegetable components develop their effect: precious phytosqualane from olives and the finest extracts from lapacho and green tea revitalise the skin. High-quality night candle oil with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids will make your skin really smooth. Valuable Shea butter provides your skin with new elasticity, protects against dry skin and the early development of wrinkles. All this is purely natural – free from preserving agents, and free from fragrances and colouring agents!

Moisturising bath for face and décolleté

The result: pure wellbeing and a visible lifting effect!

  • Cleansing
  • Moisturising bath
  • Seaweed pack
  • Refreshment through hydro-vitaliser

approx. 70 Minutes

"Planta Verde" Facial Treatment 

The moisturising and revitalising Plante Verde seaweed pack improves the tightness of the skin and provides the skin with a fresh appearance.

  • cleansing
  • peeling
  • ampoule
  • seaweed pack
  • facial massage

approx. 50 Minutes

Beauty Wax Modellage

Velvety soft modellage on the basis of bee wax with valuable active agents from Shea butter, night-candle oil and soya – lecithine and vitamin A and E. The modellage releases heat and thereby supports and stimulates the natural skin functions. Circulation, skin metabolism, lymphatic flow, sweat and the pilosebaceous function are activated. Inclusive of cleansing, peeling, facial, neck and décolleté massage to care for, smoothen and tighten the skin.
approx. 70 Minutes

Eye Treatment

The Exquisit eye treatment loosens three of the most common problems at the eye area: dryness wrinkles, swelling and loss of elasticity. Get spoiled with exquisite active agents and impress with a radiant appearance.

approx. 25 Minuten

Plucking of eyebrows

approx. 15 Minutes

Eyebrow tint

approx. 10 Minutes

Eyelash tint

approx. 20 Minutes

Body treatments

BODY TREATMENTS - For gentle skin

Sea salt peeling with sea salt from the Dead Sea

approx. 20 Min.

Aloe Vera body peeling

Removes dead skin cells and makes the skin more beautiful and softer.
approx. 20 Min.

Full-body peeling with mineral saline alluvium

Old skin cells are removed with a peeling. The skin becomes evenly smooth, soft and the following body pack can be absorbed better.
approx. 25 Minuten

Gertraud Gruber Monthalit cellulite treatment

During the brush massage at the start dead skin cells are removed and the skin is circulated at the same time. Afterwards a connective tissue massage will treat problem zones. Water is drawn from the body with the mineral saline alluvium pack. Blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulated, fatty cells are transported away and the body is detoxified. During reaction time you enjoy a foot massage to active lymphatic flow. Finally a circulation-stimulating cellulite cream is massaged into the problem zones.
approx. 50 Minutes

Wellbeing treatment for the feet

The feet will be smooth, looked-after and circulated with a peeling, a pack and a foot massage afterwards.
approx. 25 Minutes

BATHS AND PACKS - Recreation and inner peace.

  • Arnica oil bath acc. to Vitalis Dr. Joseph 20 Min.
  • Swiss pine bath acc. to Vitalis Dr. Joseph20 Min.
  • Goat milk bath acc. to Vitalis Dr. Joseph 20 Min.
  • Fango sea mud from the Dead Sea acc. to Vitalis Dr. Joseph 20 Min.
  • "Herbe Novilis" – Medicinal clay/herbs pack with body masks– spring, summer, autumn, winter
  • Full-body pack 20 Min.
  • Partial body pack 20 Min.
  • Night-candle oil cream bath 20 Min.
  • Rose petal bath 20 Min.
  • Aromatic bath 20 Min.
  • Hay bath 20 Min.


Manicure with varnish

approx. 40 Minutes

Manicure with paraffin bath

approx. 60 Minutes


approx. 55 Minutes


Full depilation

(Full legs, bikini line, underarm and upon request also upper lip and chin)
approx. 60 Minutes

Legs up to the knee

approx. 20 Minutes

Full legs

approx. 30 Minutes


approx. 20 Minutes

Bikini line or underarm

approx. 15 Minutes

Upper lip or chin

approx. 10 Minutes

Men's back

approx. 30 Minutes

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